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"Wine makes every meal an occasion!" ~ Andre Simon

Hello! Hello! Hello!

If you would've told me a year ago, I'd find myself in the wine aisle looking for red wines to try, I would've seriously laughed in your face. Boyyyy, have I come a long way, LOL!

I couldn't help but chuckle at myself a few weeks ago while at the grocery store checking out the different kinds of red wines I hadn't tried. Which is honestly the wine I'll be reviewing today.

My wife had decided to make this spicy cheesy potato, crab and shrimp dish the other night, so I figured I'd take the responsibility of finding a good wine to pair with it.

Quick background on Rare Pinot Pinot Noir California 2017:

Apparently this type of wine is the world's most popular red wine, and one of France's most oldest grapes. Never would've guess that, LOL. The grapes used in this wine thrive in cooler climates, and it's made from black-skinned grapes that look more like cherries than actual grapes to me.

Pinot Noir can be dry, light, or medium bodied wine. This in particular bottle was a medium bodied wine, which I'm glad I selected. I hate dry wines!

This wine is also known to have a complex flavor, but I will vouch for it and say it's definitely in a good way. Pinot Noir can have a hint of berry flavors, vanilla, spices, and even a mushroom flavor. Before you ask, no, I didn't taste any mushrooms in my wine, LOL. Though, I wouldn't have been too upset because I do indeed like mushrooms!

It pairs well with red meats, or white meats, pastas, and salmon. And though our potato dish didn't fall into this list, it still went really well together!

Now, on to the tasting:

When I first smelled the Pinot Noir, it smelled fruity. Like I could smell some kind of raspberry scent. It was really thick on my tongue, and the taste lingered. I wouldn't say it was a bland flavor, but it wasn't sweet, at all. Not that I was expecting it to be.

Now, after I ate a few bites, and then took a sip, whew chile, talk about explosion! Which, I am starting to realize is a pattern with a lot of the red wines I've tried. They're not wines I'd drink casually, but with a specific kind of meal!

The Pinot Noir definitely increased the spices used in our meal, and even though it was a pepper based dish, the enhancement wasn't bad at all! Now, it didn't stop my mouth from burning, LOL, but made my mouth juicy. Overall this wine was AMAZING, and definitely receives five stars from me!

Now, I noticed something on this bottle, I had never seen before. There was a label on the front telling me this wine contained sulfites. Since this is something that hasn't come up yet, I had to look into further.

So, sulfites apparently naturally occurs in wine and happens while the wine is fermenting. It acts as a preservative for the wine to keep it from spoiling. Now, I came across some "warnings" that sulfites have been associated with causing headaches. Then, I saw some articles written by scientists that said they don't,

I'm not scientist, or wine maker, so I cannot argue on this! However, I can tell you that I didn't have a headache after finishing the bottle. I can tell you that sulfites are considered an allergen, so if this is something you're allergic to, you may want to steer clear of certain wines that contain this on the label.

And I know I said it occurs naturally while wine is fermenting, but there are ways to remove it. I didn't check to see how, but if it is something you guys are interested in, let me know! I'll look into it.

Well guys, my review is coming to an end, and as usual, thank you so much for joining me today, I hope this review was helpful. Have you tried this wine before? Let me know. Have you tried a different brand? Let me know!

Remember, I am always on the hunt for new wines to try, so any suggestions are more than welcomed! Talk to you guys soon!

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