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“Wine Makes All Things Possible”

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Happy Wednesday, guys! How are ya’ll doing today? I am doing great, and so excited to be bringing you guys another wine review! Well, not necessarily a review, another wine recipe!

Now, I had some of that cooking wine left over, so I decided to find a dish that had white wine as an ingredient so I could use the last of it. I’m mentioning this now because, as I stated before in my previous post about cooking with wine, this a major no, no.

And I figured out why which I’ll discuss a little bit later.

So, this recipe I selected was a roasted salmon with a white wine butter sauce. Of course, I altered the recipe a little bit. For starters, I’m feeding a family of three, that eats like a family of eight! The recipe calls for four cut pieces of salmon, and I used full size instead of the fillets.

I also didn’t include shallots in my recipe, just the garlic. The wine sauce is supposed to be drizzled on after the salmon is cooked, but in my mind, I wanted the fish to be fully marinated with this sauce. So, after cooking it on the stove the way the directions told me to, I added it onto the fish, and baked it with the fish for another 20 minutes.

Now, I’m mentioning these changes because clearly my fish is going to taste different than what it would taste like if you follow the recipe as is.

Though I made some minor alterations, the salmon came out amazing! You could definitely taste the cooking wine, though. And my wife is convinced the fish got her drunk, LOL. Because the wine taste was so intense, we didn’t give any to our 10 year old. I know cooking wine is supposed to get rid of the alcohol, but I found out something very interesting!

Did you know you have to cook the wine until you can’t smell the alcohol anymore to fully get rid of it?

Yea, I didn’t! LOL, which might explain why my wife thought she was getting drunk. That, and we were actually drinking wine this time!

But here’s why using cooking wine is a major no! Just like sugar and yeast are added to drinking wines to preserve them, cooking wines have more salt to make sure they don’t spoil.

So, when cooking with this kind of wine, you may be adding more salt to your meal than you bargained for. Which makes sense why I should be using regular wine.

As I’ve stated before in my other post, wine is meant to enhance the flavor of whatever meal you’re making, and using cooking wine is like adding extra seasoning to it. I mean, that’s fine if that’s what you’re looking for, but again, be mindful of the amount of sodium you’re taking in!

So, you guys have my word that I will not be using cooking wines anymore. I’ll suck it up and buy a regular bottle to see what the difference is. A lot of white wine recipes call for dry wines, and we all know I don’t drink them, LOL. So maybe cooking with them won’t be as bad! We shall see! I think the next recipe I want to try will be with a red wine though.

I tried making a red wine pasta YEARS ago and it didn’t come out right, so, I am curious to see what I can do differently!

As usual, thank you guys so much for joining me! I’m attaching the link below of the original recipe if you guys want to try it! If you do, let me know how it was!

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