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Wine is the answer. . . Wait, what was the question??


Thank you so much for joining me today! If you have been following along with me, then you know my original next post was supposed to take place April 17th at 7pm. But, I recently had a conversation with an old friend, and she shared her experience with me going from white wines to red ones. It was so informative I HAD to share it with you guys!

Once again, thank you for supporting me and I hope you learn a little something like I did! Now, remember, this was a conversation between two friends and I didn't want to change her words. So please, read it as a conversation! LOL

Sadie Jo Y0ung

" Ok so, I’m like you. Started off drinking Moscato and found myself wanting to venture into red wine after I saw Kerry Washington in Scandal (drinking all the damn time) LOL!! So I wasn’t a “dry” wine drinker either. But I ended up finding one and fell in love with it....only to have the company stop making it! I was devastated.

So I went on a hunt to find something similar. Downloaded this app, “Vivino,” and started doing some in depth research. Ended up going to a vineyard in TN and fell in love more! So, along the way, I’m told basically not to base my judgement on California wines (unless it’s more of an independent vineyard) because they are the only region that uses pesticides. That’s what gives you the terrible headaches and serious hangovers!

So I steered clear and noticed that the taste of other regions compared were very noticeably different! So, that may be something you can try to see if you can tell the difference! I’ve also been told the wine from the state of Washington is veryyy good and sweeter (haven’t tried any yet but hope to)! Also read that you enjoy wine with your food! I may have the perfect wine for you! 2017 Windisch Heimersheimer Rotenfels DORNFELDER I found this wine looking for something similar to the one they discontinued and ended up purchasing a case of it (don’t judge me) lol!!

AND....the vineyard... you know the most surprising part was wine straight out of the barrel is AMAZZZING!!!!! Like, I asked them if they could just ship me a barrel! There should be a store with just barrels and you just go get wine straight out of it!!

See, before they bottle wine, they pump it with CO2, that’s why the say to let your wine breathe for a while before drinking! The CO2 gives it that bitterness too!"

I have actually registered with Vivino, and for any of you are interested in trying new wines, I would recommend doing the same! I hope you guys enjoyed tonight's blog, and remember, I'll be doing my next wine review April 17th, at 7 pm. Talk to you guys soon!

Please comment if this was helpful! If you have any additional information or a similar experience, let me know! You can be a special guest on my blog!! And don't forget to subscribe!!!!

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