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Wine Is Always A Good Idea!

So, let me say this, when I grabbed this bottle, it was on complete accident!

I wasn’t aware that this company made red and white wines. The red wine had been recommended to me by my little sister, and not paying attention, I grabbed the chardonnay bottle.

Now, I tried to be open minded and not biased, but I have yet to come across a chardonnay that I like. But, I figured I would still give this one a try, right?

Before I get into my review, I’m going to discuss a little bit more about this brand of wine, 19 Crimes. The brand and the different wines are based upon crimes that took place back in the late 1700s that turned colonists at that time into criminals. There sentence was “Punishable by Transportation,” and they were banished to Australia. Instead of giving up, these convicts created their own colony and new lives for themselves. This brand was created to celebrate their endurance! I will add the link to their website below if you want to check out their additional flavors!

Now, back to my review:

As inspiring as that story is, this bottle of chardonnay was, like them all, disappointing. It was very tart, and not at all sweet or fruity as wine reviewers claim chardonnay should be. It made my mouth water, like when you’re eating Dill Pickled chips and need something to drink immediately after.

Now, it has 16%, so one glass was enough for me, but very difficult to get through. So, of course, I had to do my research!

Despite my distaste for it, apparently, chardonnay is the most commonly used white-wine grape. And there are also 3 different styles of chardonnay wines:

1. Sparkling Chardonnay: With this in particular wine, the grapes are picked earlier to contain their high acidity. And these wines are known to be tart!

2. Creamy, Oaked Chardonnay: The wine rests in oak barrels which adds to the texture and flavor of vanilla and spice

3. Citrusy, Unoaked Chardonnay: These wines rest in a stainless steel containers to ferment for only a short period of time before being bottled up, for a more crisp taste

Needless to say, there are a variety of Chardonnay wines available depending on your palate, but they’re overall a medium to full bodied wine, and is usually made as a dry wine. And you all know by now I like my sweet wines! So, chardonnay will not be something I attempt to try again for pleasure!

Have you had a different or similar experience? Let me know! I want to hear your experiences with this kind of wine, or chardonnay in general! And keep those wine recommendations coming!

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