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Wine. . . a Hug in a Glass!

So, first off, forgive me!

I know my wine reviews were supposed to be done via video so you guys can actually see my reactions. But my wife surprised me with a steak and potato dinner, after a long week; and grabbing a bottle of wine seemed like the best thing to do!

So, because it was a last minute decision, I wasn’t video ready, LOL. So, this review will be in written form, and I promise to do better next time!

With that being said, the bottle I’ll be reviewing tonight is Blackstone Merlot California 2017.

Now, since it was a last minute decision, I had no time to prepare for this, which surprisingly benefitted me! I didn’t know what to expect from this wine, or even if pairing it with the steak was a good choice.

Blackstone Merlot is a red wine, so I decided to let it aerate for about thirty minutes prior to us drinking it! (Refer to May 29th entry if you need more info on aeration.)

While on our honeymoon, we purchased two bowl-like wine glasses from our wine tour at Amigoni Urban Winery, which is what I decided to use for the merlot. Now, if you’re wondering why I didn’t do an entry on the wine tour of Amigoni it’s because they are known for their dry wines, which, if you’ve been following me since the beginning, you know I hate dry wines! I wasn’t able to make any wine purchases, and decided to go with two wine glasses instead. I will attach their link to the bottom of this entry in case any of you are dry wine lovers!

Any who. . .

Before sipping, I took a huge whiff of the Merlot, and caught a strong fruity scent. I got a smidge excited, thinking there was a possibility this wine would be sweet!

It wasn’t. . .

The first sip of the wine was very bland, and I was definitely disappointed. My wife mentioned to me I needed to stop looking for Moscato in every bottle of wine I try, and I know she’s right, just don’t tell her I said that, LOL.

Well, I begun eating my steak, prepared to get through the bottle regardless of how much I didn’t like it, when something amazing happened!

After swallowing my first piece of steak, I took a sip from my wine glass and my taste buds exploded!

This flavor of spice and plum took over my tongue, and I felt myself taking a few more sips to confirm what I was savoring. I was right! There was something about combining the T-bone steak with the Merlot that made my palette very happy!

So, it turns out, the Merlot grape is the second most popular red grape here in the United States, and was originally paired with the Cabernet Sauvignon grape to make wine. Well, after it made its way to California in the mid-19th century, the Merlot grape was used by itself to create wine! It became known as a "chameleon of wines," taking on the taste of the climate and winemaking techniques used. Meaning, cooler temperature Merlots will taste different than those grown in warmer climates.

It actually is paired well with steaks, baked salmon, hearty lasagna, and even hamburgers! Merlot is actually recommended as a gateway wine to those looking to explore more red wines!

So, it’s safe to say, we finished the bottle of Merlot that night with our dinner. And after two glasses, we were pretty buzzed! But to be fair, Merlot’s alcohol level can range from 13.5-14.5%, so no light weights over here! Lol

This wine is definitely, now, a 5/5, and something I will definitely try again, especially since I know what to pair it with! I am definitely interested in tasting a Merlot from a cooler climate to compare this one to.

Any suggestions? Please comment below!

Once again, thank you guys so much for joining me, I hope this entry was helpful!

Have you had a similar experience with Merlot? Or a different one?

Please, let me know! I’m always looking for feedback from my readers! Your response can end up being a guest entry on my blog!

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Amigoni Urban Winery

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