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Tonight's Forecast. . . 99% Chance of Wine

Happy Wine Wednesday guys! How are ya’ll making out this week? So far so good?

First of all, I want to thank everyone who voted on what my next entry should be about! I honestly was going to lie about the results and write about wine fermentation like I wanted to, LOL. But after seeing so many people vote for climate and how it affects the taste of wine, I realized it was something I would like to learn more about as well! So, without further notice, here we go:

“What should I wear?” is a very imperative question, and one that we tend to ask ourselves often. We don’t want to be too casual, too dressy, or too uncomfortable. Most importantly, we do our best to dress for the weather! Being overheated can cause not only health complications, but can make us very cranky. The same can happen if we’re too cold! The weather literally affects our daily activities.

Is it too hot outside to hike? Is it too cold outside to walk? The climate we live in, as well as the weather, definitely play a role in what we decide to with ourselves on a day to day bases, so it’s only natural that it would play a role in the taste of the wines we drink.

Now if you don’t know, I was born and raised in New Orleans, La, so it’s safe to say I am no stranger to heat and humidity. But as familiar as we are to one another, I am no fan of it! I couldn’t help though, but to find amusement in the fact that my wines of choice come from warmer climate regions!

So, there are two major climate types when it comes to wine: warmer climates and cooler climates. And the differences are just that simple, warm and cool.

Warmer climate regions allow their wine grapes to fully ripen, leading to a higher sugar level, and a darker color. Now if you’ve been keeping up with me, you know I love my sweet wines, Moscato to be exact, and it was interesting to know the higher the sugar level, the more alcohol can be found in the grape.

Cooler climate regions will have wine grapes with a higher acidity and higher tannin levels. It’s also where you’ll find your drier wines.

But before you start sticking with one over the other, be mindful that cooler regions can produce sweet wines with high alcohol levels, just like warmer climates can produce dry wines.

The climate, weather, and even the soil play an important role on the growth of a grape and its flavor, but the fermentation process definitely has the last say so in how the wine will taste.

Now, if you’re anything like me, and would love to have your vineyard one day, I do have some words of caution to share. As simple as this article may come off, wine farming is no easy task! Like any other crop, you risk a loss, and since none of us are able to predict the weather, it may not be something to take on lightly.

Wine farmers are at risk whenever the weather drops too quickly because their grapes can freeze; gets too hot without proper shade because their grapes can dry up; and even if it rains too hard because the vineyards can drown. As a matter of fact, vineyards in California lost a lot due to natural disasters such as wildfires, and that’s something extremely uncontrollable at the moment!

I had to dampen the mood simply because I want you to appreciate the next bottle of wine you pick up!

I want you to actually research where this wine came from, why it tastes the way it does, and appreciate the time that was put into making that one 25 ounce bottle for you!

Appreciate the many wine farmers who have been advised to try other grape variations to plant, but stick with the same ones so they can continue to provide you with the same tastes you know and love!

Now, do not defer from your plan at all if opening a vineyard is what your heart truly desires! Take the necessary precautions, do the proper research, and most importantly, send me a complimentary bottle to review! LOL!

Once again, thank you guys for joining me today! I hope this entry was insightful and you learned a little something!

I am very excited to say my book review will be posted tomorrow, and if you haven’t yet, go on my IG and vote on what book I should read next!

Remember, this is an interactive blog! I am always looking for suggestions, feedback, and recommendations! Make sure you subscribe to stay up to date with what I’ve got going on! See you guys tomorrow!

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