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The World Belongs to Those Who Read!

A Nashville Love Tale

T.L. Blakely

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Happy Friday to you guys! January has come and gone and I’m scared if I blink too long it’ll be the end of the year again, LOL.

I really wanted to do two reviews a month, I just couldn‘t seem to finish the book I was reading in time! I’m hoping this month is kinder to me! But let’s get to the reason we’re here!

Let me start by saying if you’re looking for a love story, this ain’t it! LOL! Do not let the title fool you! This book is filled with jealousy, lies, deceit, and so much drama!

The book introduces us to three “main” characters; Shay, Marie, and Jerome, high school seniors trying to do what most seniors want to do. Graduate!

Shay and Marie are supposedly besties, but their jealousy doesn’t take long to be introduced to the readers. You start to wonder what’s the glue really holding this friendship together from the very beginning. Marie and Jerome are in this kind of one-sided relationship. AKA, Marie is all in, and Jerome does what any star athlete in high school would do. He cheats, LOL.

Readers do not have to wait long for the drama to start; it’s literally in the first chapter and continues throughout the entire book. Every chapter leaves you with a cliffhanger, and you need to know what happens next.

One thing I liked about this book is that the author writes about some real teen issues. For example, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, and negative parent/teen relationships; unfortunately, these things do occur.

Some of the scenes were a bit graphic for me, mainly because these are technically kids. I mean, I’m far from naïve, so I do realize kids are acting and talking this way; it just definitely caught me off guard. LOL.

The cons of this book would be that there are some grammatical errors, but it doesn’t take away from the storyline. There is some repetitiveness as well. Conversations are repeated in two chapters or characters reemphasizing what another character has already said and done. But this can be helpful to anyone who may have difficulty keeping up with a book that contains multiple main characters.

There was a bit of hypocrisy, in my opinion, amongst the characters. They would say or do one thing and then do the opposite in another chapter, which is common in humans. It just made it unpredictable and sometimes unrealistic.

Overall, I would rate this book three and a half stars. It wasn’t a bad book. It just wasn’t one for me. The end felt a tad bit rushed, but I am sure it’s because there’s a part two to this book that I intend to read.

Have you read this book or any book by this author?

Let me know, and let me know what you think.

Remember, I am always looking for book recommendations, and if you’re an author looking for a book review, let me know!

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