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"The air of summer, was sweeter than wine."

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Happy Wine Wednesday guys!

How’s everyone making out so far?

I am aware that certain parts of the world have opened, or are starting to open, and though I know many of us are anxious to get back to normal please be careful.

Now is not the time to forget all the things we learned and remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and use common sense. I know it’s not something we all have much of, and if you feel you’re lacking, call a friend, LOL.

Now, on to the good stuff!

If you haven’t figured out by now, I’ll never do two wine reviews in one month. Unless for some reason I get an endorsement from a wine company who asks for one, everyone cross your fingers, please.

If you’re just joining me, I’ll fill you in. Every month I will give you one wine review, and one interesting fact about wine. I say interesting because they’re things that I didn’t know and are intriguing to me. Prime example is going to be the entry you’re currently reading now.

Did you know there’s a thing as summertime wine?

Feel free to, “Duh, Leina,” me because I don’t get offended easily, LOL.

But for those of you who didn’t know, OMG, there’s a summertime wine. And not it’s not some top-secret special blend that only comes out during the summer. As a matter of fact, you’ve probably been drinking it all year round and didn’t even know.

Let me stop beating around the bush here….white, red, and rosè wines are considered summer time wines. Let me clarify that, certain ones are considered summertime wines.

Let’s start off with a good image of summer. It’s hot outside, sun beaming, you’re in some cute shorts, tank top, and flip flops. What are you sipping on? Something cool and refreshing? Or something hot and unpleasant?

I am so hoping you picked the first one, LOL.

Now, my motto will always be to drink what you want! Some of us don’t like white wine, some of us don’t like red. Just because a wine is suggested to pair well with a certain season, does not mean you’re banned from drinking it when you want. I drink coffee all year round, hot, and I could care less about how hot it is outside.

Anyway, if you’re more into white wines, you want to look for something light to medium-bodied, with high acidity, and dare I say it, dry. LOL. These kinds of wines are also good for those curious in trying wine spritzers. I personally haven’t tried one, but I am attaching a recipe from Ree Drummomd that I am going to try next month.

So be on the lookout for that.

If you’re curious about what kind of white wines that would be, check out Riesling, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc.

For my red wine lovers, you’re going to want to pretty much do the same thing. Avoid heavier wines because they can cause dehydration. The last thing you want to do over the summer is become dehydrated! Especially not after this two-month-long quarantine, LOL.

Most red wines need to be aerated, and I’m going to use that common sense phrase again. When we aerate wine it’s us opening it up and bringing it to room temperature.

Do you want to drink a room temperature wine over the summer?

Hopefully, you said no, LOL.

Look for red wines that are best served chilled and have low tannin levels. Wines like Cinsault, Frappato, and Pinot Noir. Now, the first two, I won’t even stunt, I’ve never tried. But you now know they are added to my list!

My Rosè lovers, I did not forget about you! Like the white wines, you want to stick to something drier. That cooling sensation is going to be the main focus here guys.

That, and don’t shoot the messenger, you want to stick with wines with low alcohol content. Remember, we’re not trying to get wine wasted this summer. We’re trying to get cute at someone’s BBQ or seafood boil and have fun.

Of course, drink responsibly, and if you go with a wine with low alcohol content, you’ll be able to do so! LOL.

Now, summer doesn’t officially start until June 20th, but I think the Great State of Texas decided to start a little bit sooner! Whew chile, it is hot!

I hope this entry was a bit helpful to you, and if you know any other wines that fall into the “summer wine” category, LET ME KNOW!

As promised, check out the link below for a wine spritzer recipe, and let me know if you try it!

Make sure to tune in on the 29th for my book review!

See ya’ll soon!

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