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Sometimes Wine is Necessary!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

How’s everyone doing today?

I know I have been MIA and I promise all will be revealed SOON! I ask you all to hang in there with me while I get myself back on a routine!

The bottle I’ll be reviewing today is Loudspeaker Vintage 2017. My wife decided to throw some ribs on the grill, and while she sipped on her beers, I thought why not open one of the many red wines I received from FirstLeaf.

I didn’t bother to do any previous research, honestly, LOL. I just popped this bottle in the freezer for a few minutes, and then let it aerate for about an hour.

I poured a glass as we sat on our balcony waiting on the ribs to cook.

Now, I did sniff it first because I really want to perfect my “wine smelling skills.”

But I’ll be honest, I suck, LOL.

The first whiff I caught had a dark berry scent, and plums. I tried to pick up on anything else, but my nose isn’t there yet. After researching this bottle, I discovered it has scents of pomegranate, dark cherry, and vanilla. So, I was kind of close, but way off.

But I’m going to keep working on it, LOL.

Anyway, the first sip was really smooth, kind of bland, but had a little bite at the end. Definitely enjoyable though, which was slightly surprising since it wasn’t sweet at all.

My intentions were to try it with the ribs, but the bottle didn’t make it the far, LOL.

Loudspeaker Vintage 2017 gets five stars from me, and is definitely something I would try again, especially so I can pair it with at least one of the meals that’s suggested with this bottle.

Well, hope this review was helpful to you guys!

Have you ever tried this wine before, let me know what you think?

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And stayed tuned for my next entry!

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