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Black Water Tales: The Secret Keepers

By JeanNicole Rivers

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Long time, huh? LOL!

I know many of you wonder where the heck I’ve been and what’s going on with my blog. And I promise I will divulge all of that info soon. But right now, I want to jump right into what I love and what I’ve missed doing. BOOK REVIEWS!

Yes, though I’ve been MIA, ya girl has definitely still been reading! LOL.

Today’s review will be on Black Water Tales: The Secret Keepers by JeanNicole Rivers. This author and I follow each other on Instagram, and when I saw she was doing an ebook giveaway, I had to hop on it.

Now, I know in the past I’ve expressed I am not a fan of ebooks, but as you can see, ya girl got herself a kindle, and it’s been the best thing ever for me! But back to why we’re here.

The Secret Keepers introduces us to Regina, who comes off as your typical small-town girl who leaves and starts her life in the big city. She’s avoided her hometown as much as possible, unable to cope with the disappearance of one of her childhood friends, Lola. But she’s no longer able to push off her visit when she gets a call indicating her long, lost friend has finally been found. Dead.

Despite her reservations, Regina returns home and finds herself drawn to figuring out what exactly happened to Lola. She reunites with Nikki, Natalie, and an old flame, Barron, as they all try to piece the mystery together. But not everything is what it seems.

The more Regina digs, the more secrets become revealed, and the reader soon discovers, no one in this town is who they claim to be. Not even Regina herself.

There is never a dull moment within this book. It’s filled with lies, deceit, séances, ghosts, and so much more. Just when you think you may have figured something out, the author throws another loop your way that catches you completely off guard. I would rate this book five stars, and if you enjoy a good horror/mystery, this is definitely the book for you.

Have you read any books by JeanNicole Rivers? If so, let me know and let me know what you think! If you’ve read this book before, let me know what you thought of it!

As always, thank you for joining me today, and stay on the lookout for my next entry, letting you know what to expect for the future!

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