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Muse in Lingerie

By Penelope Sky

Hey! Hey! Hey!

It’s been a while since I brought you guys a book review, and the truth is I’ve been too scatterbrained to focus. Sad, I know.

Well, I am glad to finally have finished a book and to be able to tell you guys about it.

Though I still prefer regular books to ebooks, my review today will be on an ebook. I was casually scrolling through my IG and came across an advertisement for a free ebook, Muse in Lingerie.

My first thought was to keep scrolling since my Kindle app is currently filled with ebooks I haven’t even looked at since downloading, but the reader in me just couldn’t turn away from a free book. So, I downloaded it, LOL.

And I was not disappointed.

The book starts off introducing us to Sapphire, a woman who has hit rock bottom. Her parents are dead, and her brother is recently deceased due to gambling addiction. He got himself mixed in with the wrong crowd who took his life for payment and were now after Sapphire.

The leader of this Underworld group, Knuckles, made it quite clear he had plans for the remainder of Sapphire’s life. And it wouldn’t be a long life at all.

Feeling like she had nothing left to lose, she jumps on a plane to Milan, Italy to take a chance at being a lingerie model for Conway Barsetti. She intended to get any job other than modeling, but as fate would have it, Sapphire not only gets the gig but becomes Conway Barsetti’s obsession.

Now, this book gives off Beauty and the Beast vibes to me. A beautiful woman falling for the stubborn, hardcore man; and him finding his beat-like demeanor softening for this woman. Let’s be clear, this is far from a fairytale. And to be honest, I don’t know if there’s a “happy ending.”

Ya’ll know I’m not about to reveal any kind of ending to you, because what would be the point in suggesting you read it? LOL.

I will say this, the tension between Sapphire and Conway is sexually overwhelming. It draws you in, and you find yourself screaming, “WILL YOU TWO JUST GET IT ON ALREADY?”

Clearly, with that being said, this book is for mature audiences only! If you can’t handle some good erotica, then this book is NOT for you. Meanwhile, my behind had to re-read some scenes over, LOL.

Sky is extremely descriptive and leaves absolutely nothing out. You can get a clear picture of the things she’s describing like you’re physically there.

I’m rating this book five stars, without a doubt, and look forward to reading more work from Penelope Sky.

Have you ever read this book or any other book by this author? Let me know what you think!

Remember, I am always looking for book suggestions, and if you’re an author looking for a review, hit me up!

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