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"Life is too short to drink bad wine!" ~ Anonymous

So, my original intentions for my first blog entry about wine, was going to be to discuss the history on it. Where it started and how it became what it is today. But when you think about wine, do you really think about a history lesson? If you said no, I raise my glass to you! If you said yes, this in particular blog entry may not be for you! (LOL)

Since the main point of me creating this blog, Books-N-Bottles, is to be personal, as well informational, I think this entry will contain my personal history with wine, and how the idea of this blog came to be!

For years, white wine was my thing. And not even all white wines, just Moscato. I prefer my alcohol sweet, and Moscato has never failed me. It was easy to drink while I was cooking, eating, or being social. It was always my go to drink, and it didn’t matter the brand, I knew I was going to be satisfied. Well, I created this comfort zone for my palate, to the point where when I went to different restaurants, and they didn’t offer Moscato, I was literally stuck. I would try their house wines and always be disappointed.

Now you would think this is where my journey to expand my wine tasting started, right? Wrong!

As I stated above, which I’m sure some of you caught, I would drink while I was cooking, and while I was eating. Simply put, I was going through a bottle of wine a day. And before you write me off as an alcoholic, Moscato is known to have the lowest alcohol percentage in wine, ranging from 4%-10%. And though there’s no guide to what percentage it takes to get you drunk, trust me when I tell you the Moscato wasn’t getting me there. I was simply drinking it for the taste!

Well, after getting married, July 7th, 2018, my household increased from 2 to 3 mouths to feed, and now two adults drinking wine. I began to realize that the one full bottle I was once drinking on my own, was now being split between two. Needless to say, my trips to the store were increasing, and the grocery budget I had set were never being met.

So, again, you would think this is the where I got the idea to branch out and try different wines? Wrong again! It wasn’t until Christmas 2018, did the idea hit me. My wife had received a bottle of red wine as a gift, and though I had never been interested in red wines, free alcohol is free alcohol. It was a small bottle I knew we would devour in less than twenty minutes, especially with our dinner. So, we both had our usual two glasses, thinking nothing of it. Literally, within minutes, we noticed we were buzzed. At first we thought maybe we were just that tired! There was no way only two glasses of wine made us feel any form of intoxication.

Wanting to redeem myself, I reached for the bottle of wine and began reading the alcohol percentage. It was 14% alcohol! Now, to some of you, that may mean nothing, and to you all, I think we should be friends, LOL, but it was a huge leap from little 4% alcohol Moscato I had been use to! At that moment, I began paying attention to the kind of wine I was buying, and I noticed the wine lasting longer and longer in my household.

After opening myself up to different wines, I began to pay attention to things I would see on social media. People asking what kind of wines they should try, or suggesting what wines they like, and I couldn’t help but think it was something I wanted to do as well! Why not create a one-stop-shop for my family, friends, or just other wine curious people to come and read about not only the differences of wine, but also see other people’s comments/opinions about wines they enjoy?!

So, my overall plan is to twice a month, every first and third Wednesday of the month, share with you guys a new wine I have tried. I’ll be doing research on each bottle to explain why it may taste the way it does, where it comes from, as well what to pair it with. If you’ve had a similar or different experience, please share this with me! If you have any suggestions for me to try, please tell me that too! I want this to be a journey we can all experience together, and I am eager to hear what you guys think as well!

I’m want this part of the blog to not only be entertaining, but informational, and mind opening for everyone who comes across it! My word is not set in stone, and I am definitely open to feedback, suggestions, or any other helpful hints my readers have to offer! I am very excited about the entries to come, and I hope you guys will tag along with me!

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