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“If a book is well written I always find it too short.”

Among Us by Christiana Harrell

A Review by Leina Ussin

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Happy Thursday to you guys? How is everyone’s week going thus far?

I am having a surprisingly good week! I finally buckled down and got myself, as well as my son, on a schedule that works for us!

And though I would love to incorporate outside into it our daily routine, we’re still holding out till outside becomes a little safer!

Anywho, it’s one of my favorite times! It’s book review time! And this month’s review is on Christiana Harrell’s Among Us. And chile, let me just say, she wasted absolutely no time setting up the tone for this book!

Among Us has three main characters, Fabian, Marcus, and Patrick. Three long time friends, with completely different personalities. I mean completely different! No comparison at all, LOL.

Fabian is the romantic with the long time girlfriend, now fiancée, Leslie. He’s like legit everything you want in a man. Caring, attentive, and affectionate; and even though his fiancée can’t stand his boys, he still has their backs.

Then there’s Patrick. Lawd, Patrick. Patrick is the guys we’ve fallen for at least once, ladies and wished we hadn’t. He’s the pretty boy, who knows he’s a pretty boy, that’ll never settle down. He’s the one we hate to want, but we want him still. And in this book, there are quite a few ladies who want him. And will do anything to have him. I mean anything!

Last, be not least, is Marcus, or to his hoes, Money. And I don’t disrespectfully mean hoes. Money is a legit pimp, which he stumbled across by accident. Funny, right? But it’s true! Anyway, Marcus/Money is exactly what you think of when you think of a pimp; mean, cruel, and uncaring. He shows no mercy, but payback is waiting for him around the corner.

And as opposite as all three of these men are, they are clicked tight. Now, are they click tight because they’ve grown up together? Or click tight because there’s a secret that they all must keep? A secret someone is willing to kill behind…

Their stories will enlighten you, and possibly have you questioning how strong loyalty and love really can be.

Among Us gets a five-star rating from me, and I cannot wait to read more from this author. I highly recommend checking her books out, especially if you find yourself more on the open-minded side. This book isn’t for the simple minded folks, LOL. There are definitely some scenes in here you wouldn’t want your grandmother reading, LOL.

Have you ever read any books by this author?

Let me know!

You guys know I am always open to suggestions!

Make sure to check back in on May 6th for my wine review.

Remember, if ever want to know what wine I’ll be reviewing next, or what book I’m reading for the month, you can shoot me an email!

As always, thanks for joining me this afternoon.

I’ll talk to you guys soon!

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