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"I was mortal 'til you gave me your immortal kiss." ~ The vampire Claudia

So, ya’ll know I debated on whether or not to even do a review for this book. I mean, let’s be serious, how can you review a classic?

But, when it boils down to it, I read it, and I believe it’s something worth discussing and sharing, so, here it goes!

Now, if you’ve never seen or heard of Interview with a Vampire, then I need to know what rock you’ve been living under the past 44 years? Like seriously, where have you been? LOL

Now, it could just be the inner vampire lover in me judging you harshly, but after this review, hopefully you at least check out the movie! I believe another reason I have been so drawn to this movie/book, is because a lot of the story line is based in New Orleans! And since New Orleans will forever be home, I get excited when movies or books about my city are available!

The movie was actually the first thing I saw. I was aware that there was a book, but around that time, I was a kid and movies were life. And it’s crazy, because to this day, I can still sit and watch the movie like it’s the first time. So, I was really excited when I received the book for Christmas this past year, because I needed to know how they differed, and boy, did they differ.

First things first, quick summary:

Interview with a Vampire is told from the point of view of Louis, who is indeed a vampire. He meets a reporter in a bar and decides after many centuries, he wants to tell his story.

So, they meet inside of a hotel room, and the interview begins.

Louis takes us through his life as a plantation owner around the 1800s in New Orleans, La. He explains to us the how and why he became a vampire, as well as his experiences after his transition.

Now, for those who may have seen the movie, and not read the book let me reveal a few differences. For starters, in the movie, Louis had just lost his wife and child during childbirth, and that caused his depression which made him want to become a vampire.

In the book, Louis actually lost his brother and that’s what caused him to not care about his life anymore. Mainly because he blamed himself for the death of his little brother.

Lestat was the vampire who turned Louis, and in the movie, it seemed like Lestat had many years over Louis. Though he made it clear he wasn’t a good teacher, we rightfully assumed he had at least been a vampire for some decades.

Now, in the book, Lestat’s father was still alive. He was dying, but he was still alive. After reading this, it made complete sense to me on why Lestat couldn’t assist Louis better with his transition from human to vampire. It was because he was still learning himself!

Much like the movie, Lestat was a bloodthirsty creature. He didn’t care about human life, and actually enjoyed the hunt more than anything. He couldn’t understand why Louis struggled with taking human life, and didn’t hide the disdain he felt for him because of it. He’d taunt Louis a lot as well, stating that he knew secrets he wouldn’t share, and only he knew how to really kill a vampire. I think it’s these things that kept Louis around. Hoping one day he’d know the truth.

That and the fear of being alone.

After many, many years of just Louis and Lestat roaming the streets of New Orleans, Claudia comes along. And how she was made is very similar between the movie and the book, except maybe the age difference. In the movie, I believed Claudia to be maybe 11 years old. In the book, she was about five.

But the characteristics between the Claudia in the movie and the one in the book were very similar. She was a killer because it was all she knew, and didn’t think twice about it. But as the years flew by, and she still stayed the same, her curiosity grew and she was determined to find others like them. However, Lestat was holding her back.

A series of events take place, I won’t reveal too much for those who haven’t read the book, nor seen the movie, butLouis and Claudia eventually find themselves escaping Lestat's grasp, and travel the world to find vampires like them.

It wasn’t until they went to Paris did they finally find a vampire coven just like them. Or so they thought. Let’s just say, their excitement was short lived. I will not divulge too much at all. But it was definitely something they didn't bargain for.

I will say though, the humanity Louis fought to cling to from the beginning was tested many, many times throughout his story, and eventually he did break to an extent.

This book is definitely a must read! Even if you’ve seen the movie a thousand times over, the book will still have you gasping! I feel like honestly seeing the movie and then reading the book helped me because these characters had faces and I could hear their voices. Even with the scenes that didn’t make it to the movie, I was able to see these characters so vividly.

Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice is definitely a must read! And probably one I’ll find myself reading again! I give this book five stars, hands down.

Have you read this book before? Let me know what you think about it! Preferred the movie? Tell me why?

If you haven’t read it, and decide to, please let me know what you think!

Well, once again, thank you so much for joining me today for my book review! I am so glad I was able share this with you.

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Talk to you guys soon!!

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