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I’ve Been Gone for a Minute!

Heyyyyyy guys! 

Yes, yes, I know, I’ve been gone for a minute!!! Let’s play catch up! 

So, I’ve changed careers and I am currently a Pre-K teacher here in Austin! It was definitely an interesting change in pace for me! I’ve always loved kids, and at one point definitely saw myself as a teacher; but never thought it would actually happen! Especially not with my patience, LOL. 

But, I am glad to say I AM LOVING IT and loving my students! Four year olds are the most amazing human beings I’ve ever encountered, and being in charge of their learning is so motivational to me! 

I can say, however, happy hour was created for teachers! LOL

As precious as these kids are, they definitely make you want to toss a few back! Shockingly though, I haven’t really had a real drink in a while! Which is very hard seeing as in how I have all these bottles of wine lingering around my apartment! 

After a few weeks, I’ve finally gotten a routine down, and I am ready to get back into the swing of things. I definitely missed blogging and testing new wines. And I definitely missed you guys! 

I have to shout out Sadie Jo for checking in on me to figure out what was going on! 

I know I only have a few subscribers, but it feels good to know you guys out there appreciate what I am doing! 

Soooooooooo I am glad to say that on the 20th I’ll be posting my next wine review and it’ll be on Seven Deadly Red! If you've tried this wine already, definitely hit me up and let me know what you thought of it!

Also, I have some new things in store for you guys starting in 2020! 

Make sure you subscribe to stay on top of everything! 

I’ll talk to you guys soon!!

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