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I'm On Cloud Wine. . .

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! How are you guys doing this afternoon? January is seriously flying by, and I am proud to say I’ve been managing to stay on top of my goals. Well, some of them, LOL. The gym hasn’t seen me as much as I would’ve liked it to so far this year.

Any who, if you had a chance to check out my last entry, you should recall me saying I had a special surprise for you, and based upon the picture, you can rightfully assume its food! Well, more like a recipe. A recipe that includes WINE! And not to drink it, actually cooking with it.

Yes, that’s right, I said cooking!

For those of you who may have been living under a rock your entire life, red and white wines are used in a lot of recipes. I personally never really cooked with them before, but I am definitely expanding my taste buds as of now. So, before I get into the dish I cooked, I wanted to discuss some benefits of cooking with wine!

First of all, make sure whatever wine you select to cook with, is a wine you actually like! Think about it, you wouldn’t add garlic to a dish if you hate garlic, right? Right! So if you want your dish to have a flavor you’ll enjoy, select a wine you actually want to drink.

Like any spices or seasonings we add to our food, wine is there to enhance your meal, and cooking it boils out the alcohol, and concentrates strictly on the flavor. And just like with other seasonings, adding too much would be overkill, and adding too little will do absolutely nothing. So, I recommend if you’re following a recipe, to follow it exactly as it states when you’re cooking with wine!

Now, we all know I am a fan of the white wine, so I selected a recipe that called for it. The recipe was from a blog called Salt & Lavender, and I’ll make sure to add the link at the bottom for anyone who wants to try it!

The dish is called “Creamy Chicken in White Wine Sauce,” and something I was very excited to try! Now, let me be honest and contradict myself by saying I didn’t follow the recipe completely.

For starters, the recipe was for a serving of four, I doubled it for my greedy household; I forgot the flour, and instead of the lavender she used to cook, I used Tony’s. Also, her recipe required a dry white wine. Here’s the thing, LOL, I HATE dry white wines. I do, I’ve tried them, I have entries on this blog as proof that I’ve tried them! So I will not sit here and lie to you and tell you I bought dry white wine for this. I did not.

However, I bought Pompeian White Cooking Wine, which I have discovered is supposed to be a major no, no when you’re cooking with wine. *Insert eye roll here*

With all this being said, LOL, it’s safe to say my version of this dish probably didn’t taste like the original!

BUT, IT WAS DELICIOUS! I don't cook chicken too often, mainly because I am trying to cut meat out of my diet, but the sauce was amazing! You could taste the wine, definitely, but also the other spices I used for this dish. It was like everything else was intensified because of the wine. I also made a sauce with the wine or my pasta.

I used one cup of the cooking wine, a cup of the water from the boiled pasta noodles, some garlic, parsely, and salt. I let me already cooked noodles simmer in that, then combined everything together. AMAZING!

So, it's safe to say this is something I am recommending you guys try! If you follow the recipe exactly how it is, please let me know how it comes out! And don’t hesitate to send me some pictures! I definitely think I am going to try it again, this time with the proper ingredients, but maybe add some more veggies to my dish.

And you guys are going to kill me, can you believe I didn’t drink a wine with this dish? Nope, I cooked my first meal with wine, and didn’t even drink wine with it! I had a margarita instead! LOL.

As always, thank you guys so much for joining me this afternoon! If you know any good wine recipes I should try, let me know! My goal is to try and cook at least one recipe a month! Emphasis on TRY, I’m not a fan about wasting wine, even if it is in my food, LOL.

But I promise next time to use real wine, and not the cooking wine!

Also, make sure to check back in January 27th for my book review! I’ve decided to go ahead and review the famous novel, Interview with a Vampire. It’s too amazing to not discuss!

Talk to you guys soon!!!!

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