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I'll Always Pick Rosé Over Roses!

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Happy Wine Wednesday and Happy New Year to you guys! Can you believe how quickly 2019 flew by? Like I feel like I was literally just celebrating 2019, and here we are a year later! And I am definitely excited about it! I know I've been teasing you guys about the new things I have in store for you, and I promise, details will be coming soon!

Till then, let's get started on this review!!!

If you had the chance to check out my December 4th entry, I mentioned having a Port wine I wanted to try, but I haven't yet, LOL. I won't lie, I read the back of that bottle and was highly intimidated. So, I decided I want to do a little more investigating into that one before opening it. So, I decided to go with a Rosé wine instead.

If you've been keeping up with me this long then you remember my wife and I taking a trip to a winery called Whispering Vines, where I purchased three bottles of wine. If you haven't checked it out, it's the July 17th entry, go read it! LOL

I mentioned it now because that's the company who produced the lovely bottle of wine I will be reviewing today! Now, lately I've been tasting and then doing research on the wine. This time, I reversed it. I already knew Rosé could be considered a dessert wine. but I was definitely curious as to what else it would go well with.

Now, I won't cover too much history of this wine, only because I discussed it in my August 28th entry, LOL. It feels really good to be able use my previous entries as references for you guys! LOL.

But I will keep it brief:

Rosé gets that pinkish color from red wine grape skins. What differs it from a red wine, besides the taste alone, is that the grape skins only sit, or ferment, with the wine for a few hours. Just enough for it stain and create that pink color. Now, there are Dry and Sweet Rosé wines, and you already know which one I had! LOL.

As I mentioned before, I know Rosé to be a dessert wine, but was actually surprised when I discovered it's known as a "food friendly" wine, meaning it can pretty much be paired with anything. I remember having some on Thanksgiving, but it was AFTER I had a bottle of Moscato, so I'd be lying if I said I could remember how well it went with my gumbo!

Anywho, I decided I wanted to pair this wine with a candy bar. Now, before you judge me, please know that my wife is a cookie dough fanatic. I bought a batch of Nestle chocolate chip cookies that I intended to eat with this, but my wife got to them first.

*Insert eye roll here*

And it was too late to go out and buy some more, so, henceforth, the candy bar was my best shot. But I wasn't at all disappointed.

Before tasting it, I swirled it around in my glass first to try and see what scents I could pick up. Based upon the research I had done, I caught a whiff of the fruity and floral smells I was informed most Rosé wines had. And you already know it smelled sweet, so I was all excited.

I decided to take a sip before eating the chocolate, because yall know I like to compare. The first sip immediately reminded me of Arbor Mist. I couldn't tell you which flavor, cause I honestly hadn't had any since like 2005, LOL, but it was the first thing I thought of when I tried it. So, if you're an Arbor Mist lover, this might be the wine for you as well!

It was a sweet wine, and tasted kind of heavy and thick on my tongue. It left a lingering sensation on my palate, and even though some Rosé wines are known to have a spice, I don't think that's what I would necessarily call it. So, after eating a piece of chocolate, the wine tasted so smooth. It even enhanced the sweetness of the chocolate. It was so good guys! Of course I finished the chocolate bar before I finished my wine, but I realized Rosé is also a really good sipping wine.

So, overall I would definitely rate this wine a 5 out of 5. It was enjoyable with chocolate, which is my favorite kind of dessert, and I definitely enjoyed sipping on it. Now remember, I had the sweet one. There is a dry one, and as crazy as it sounds, I think I will try that one at some point! Rosé as I mentioned before is a food friendly wine, and though I have technically had it before, because I don't remember, LOL, I do plan on trying it again with a pasta or spicy kind of dish.

Well guys, that's all I have for now! Just a heads up, my next entry will not be a review, but it's definitely something I am excited to share with you guys!!

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