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“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to my food!” ~ W.C. Fields

This sexy beauty was brought to my attention by one of my Instagram followers! She and her fiancée like to get on the grill with a bottle of wine, and that’s when I laid eyes on her!

Apothic Red!

It was love at first sight!!!!

Now, I searched the wine aisle at my local grocery store, and of course, couldn’t find it! I considered having it shipped to me, but I found out the hard way someone over the age of 18 has to sign for wine shipments. And since I actually HAVE a 9-5 (8-5 to be exact), trying to catch the delivery driver wasn’t going to be an easy task!

Well, it seems the wine gods were in my favor! Memorial Day weekend, I just so happened to be in Dallas visiting my best friend (Hey Keisha Girl!). Well, a quick trip to Walmart caused me and this beauty to finally meet!

Though I have officially been banned from buying new wine by my lovely wife, LOL, I was able to throw on the theatrics, and convince her how extremely important this wine was for me to review!

And here I am, finally reviewing it!

Now, because I had been in love with this wine for so long (a month to be exact), research had already been done for the day we would finally meet! And I was excited about the things I had learned!

Now, if you guys have been really following me, you’ll recall the entry from my special guest Sadie Jo! Remember how she mentioned letting the wine breathe before drinking it?

Well, for those who may have not read that entry, or maybe need a refresher, no problem! I got you!

For starters, scratch this myth that we have about red wines needing to be served hot! Not true! Which is crazy, right? I can’t tell you how many movies/TV shows I’ve seen where anyone drinking red wine would literally grab it off the shelf and pour themselves a glass! Well, apparently, you don’t have to!

Red wines are actually at their best when their cool, roughly between 60-70 degrees! It’s suggested to place your wine in the fridge for about an hour prior to opening it! (If you’re in a rush, try throwing it in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes!)

When red wine is too cold, it can have a really strong bitter taste to it; and if it’s too hot, you’re getting smacked in the face with all that alcohol!

Another thing I found intriguing was the difference in wine glasses. (Told you I would get to is Sadie! LOL)

Now, if you’re like me, which I can honestly admit, I didn’t know there was a difference in wine glasses. I simply thought there were champagne glasses and wine glasses. I figured some were just bigger because people were like me and wanted to drink more! (Don’t do that judging thing!)

Well, if you’re a real wine drinker, then you know that larger, bowl-like wine glasses are meant for, guess what, RED WINES!


So the wine can breathe, or aerate, or decant! Whatever word you want to use! Now, there is a difference in these terms, but their purpose is the same. To get air inside the wine in order to get the full taste and aroma!

Now, with all that being said. . . the review:

Apothic Red 2017 gets a 4.5 in my book!

Now, it’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, I honestly would’ve LOVED to give it a 5! But it just wasn’t as sweet as I wanted it to be!

It wasn’t bitter, wasn’t tart, it was like juiced, watered down, cranberries. No sugar!

This is a wine I would definitely recommend for social gatherings, or even if you’re alone, curled up with a good book. Or better yet, bundled up binge watching your latest Netflix show with some good snacks!

It’s easy to sip on, one glass is definitely fulfilling, and the buzz kind of creeps up on you! Now, I did feel slightly hangover-ish this morning, but keep in mind we finished the bottle last night. LOL

So, again, it’s not the wine was bad at all! It’s just, and you know this if you’ve been following me, I am addicted to my sweet flavored wine. LOL.

Now, that’s not to say that this lovely bottle will never make its way back inside my home. Quite the contrary! Apothic Wines actually have a VARIETY of wines that I intend to try, and this is just the beginning!

I will add the link to their website down below in case you guys want to go check it out!

Well, I really hope you enjoyed my review! And if you’ve had this bottle before, PLEASE share your experience with me!

Have a wine suggestion? Let me know!

Also, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure you subscribe! I have some really exciting things in the works that my subscribers will be notified about first, and I don’t want ANYONE missing out!

Talk to you guys soon! Till then, DRINK UP!!!!!

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