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Happy Anniversary!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

How is everyone doing this awesome Wednesday afternoon?

Hopefully, you guys are staying safe, and practicing your social distancing as much as possible!

I can’t lie, I have been homesick like crazy, and not being able to visit New Orleans these past few weeks has been excruciatingly painful! Especially for Easter! Back in my hometown, we always gather by someone’s house and do a huge crawfish boil; and not being able to do that this year sucked!

But I am curious, how were you guys able to celebrate Easter this year? Where you able to make the best of it despite the social distancing order?

Anywho, if you’re following my IG (@books_n_bottles) then you know I just celebrated my first anniversary with my blog! And I can’t begin to express to you guys how great it feels to say that. Well, type it, if we want to get technical! LOL

And though I am not quite where I want to be, it feels good to see how far I’ve come. Of course, I have to thank you guys for your continuous support, suggestions, and recommendations! Without you, I wouldn’t be here!

Enough of the mushiness! LOL, get’s to this review!

Now, when I first started this wine blog, one of my very oldest and dearest friends, Sadie Jo reached out to me and insisted that I try a red wine she loved. She was so adamant about it, she sent me a bottle! And I held on to the bottle for an entire year because I wanted to save it for a special occasion.

And what could be more special than my first anniversary? LOL

Now, you already know I did my research on this wine before drinking it. I needed it to be perfect! And here’s what I discovered:

Dornfelder is a German wine, and is the first German wine I’ve ever tried! Dornfelder is a grape that was created to be a blending grape with other red wines to improve their color and taste. But after having a taste, I can see why they made the smart decision to make this grape into a bottle of wine all on its own!

This wine is a medium-bodied wine, which I’m starting to realize I have a thing for, LOL. The scent alone lets you know its combined with some darker berries, and it has a floral smell as well. It pairs well with heavier meats like a roast, steak, and even a meat lovers pizza.

I’ve cut meat from my diet recently, so this was a small challenge for me. So, I decided to look up dishes that could go well with a red wine period and came across a tomato-based pasta, that I, of course, made into my own.

I thought about sharing the recipe with you guys, but since I didn’t cook it with wine, I didn’t feel like it was necessary, but if you are interested let me know and I’ll send it over to you!

I let the Dornfelder chill in the fridge for about an hour, and let it aerate for exactly an hour as well. Again, wanted everything to be perfect.

The best way to describe this wine for me is perfection! It’s everything I need a bottle of red wine to taste like, and so much more. It was very juicy, and after eating some of my pasta, as most red wines do, enhanced the spices I cooked with.

My wife thought it was a little sweet, but I’m starting to notice she prefers drier wines, and ya’ll know I don’t like those at all, LOL.

Overall, Dornfelder Red Wine 2017 received five stars from me, and is something I intend to drink again! If you’re anything like my wife and prefer dry wines while looking into this wine I did discover it can come as a dry wine as well, just make sure you do your research before just grabbing a bottle!

Well, as always, thank you so much for spending this short amount of time with me. I hope you found this review insightful. Of course, I need to thank Sadie Jo again for sending me this amazing bottle, it was so worth the wait.

Have you come across a German wine you’d like me to try? Let me know! Don’t forget to check back in on the 30th for my book review! And don’t forget to subscribe!

Talk to you guys soon!

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