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“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!”

Today officially kicks off my vacation and you’d think with the next 12 days off I’d be in a calm state of mind! QUITE THE OPPOSITE! I have so much to do and so much I’m looking forward to doing, it’s been almost impossible to stay focused! Lol! But, before I get started on that, let’s talk about where I’ve been!

First and foremost let me say I apologize for only posting one wine review this month! It’s been hectic! So far this month we’ve been to ATL and New Orleans, I’ve published my second book, Cheaters Never Prosper, and had my first magazine article published in Ayana Magazine! And to top it off, we’re heading out to Kansas City tomorrow! Needless to say, it’s been a busy month! Though it’s no excuse because I’ve definitely still been drinking! Lol!

I was very excited to have a bottle of Moscato the other day, and it reminded me of all the reasons why I started this blog! And why I am looking forwarded to the upcoming months!

With that being said, starting in July, July 10th to be exact, my wine reviews will be video taped! I realized I wanted you guys to be able to SEE my expressions when trying wines for the first time! Don’t worry I’ll still have my reviews and all my detailed information still written out! But those first moments of wine tasting I would like to give you guys the full experience!

Second of all, I have completely slacked on the other half of why this blog was created! READING! Lol! Horrible I know! BUT I WILL HAVE A BOOK REVIEW FOR YOU GUYS THE END OF JULY! Scouts honor!

Please drop any recommendations you may have for me as far as books (AND WINES) go! I am constantly looking for new things to try and the feedback from you guys has been amazing!

I ask that you do follow my social media page, Books_n_bottles on IG, to keep up with my activities! Especially wit me being in Kansas City the next couple of days! I would love to share this new adventure with you!

Once again, I TRULY APPRECIATE you all for sticking around with me this long! I do apologize for my absence and promise to do better! Lol!

Also, I am leaving the link to my book as well my article at the bottom of this post! PLEASE, if you haven’t already, check it out! And let me know what you think!

Again, make sure you subscribe to my blog to stay updated on EVERYTHING! Email responses are definitely appreciated!

Happy Wednesday!!!

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