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Drink Wine. . .It's not good to keep things bottled up!

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Happy Wine Wednesday!

I swear I look forward to Wednesdays so I can update you guys on what’s going on! Now, I know I was supposed to review a red wine, and I really wanted to, LOL. But, I realized I hadn’t had a white wine in a long time, and with the dish I was cooking, I figured a white wine would suffice.

So, what was for dinner?

A crab and bacon pasta, made with a cream sauce, and fried catfish. I have to start taking pictures of my food, I swear! I didn’t intend on drinking that night, but, when you throwing down in the kitchen, a good bottle of wine is befitting, LOL.

So, I decided to go with Tanglewood Sauvignon Blanc since I recalled reading that it goes really well with seafood and creamy pasta sauces. I popped the bottle in the freezer for about 45 minutes while I waited for my dinner to be done.

I didn’t go into this tasting expecting much since I hadn’t done any previous research on this bottle. I did know it wasn’t going to be sweet though. And boy was I right!

As always, I taste the wine before eating to be able to distinguish the difference between what the wine tastes like solo, as opposed to what it tastes like after I’ve eaten. I can honestly say, the before and after didn’t make much of a difference to me. Which may not have been a good thing. See, Sauvignon Blanc for the most part is a dry wine. And we all know I’m not much of a fan of dry wines.

It was kind of bland on my tongue in the beginning, and even as I continued to drink it with my dinner, I was constantly looking for a bit of flavor like I often experience with my red wines. Though at some point I could feel spice lingering on the sides of my tongue. Then again, it could’ve been the cayenne pepper I added to the pasta, LOL.

Now, I won’t completely nay this wine, I’ll just say this in particular brand isn’t really for me. Depending on how or where it’s made it can be a smidge sweeter than the one I had, so I think I’ll be looking into trying one of those in the future.

Overall, I’d give this wine a 3/5, mainly because the alcohol content was 12.5%, so even though it wasn’t too enjoyable, it left us with a nice little buzz! LOL.

So, many of you may have noticed I didn’t do a book review this month, and it’s not that I didn’t finish one, LOL, it’s just a classic to me so I wouldn’t even know where to start!

If you’re keeping up with my IG page, then you’ll know I recently came into some books by the famous Anne Rice, one of the books being Interview with a Vampire. Now, I would love to give my review on it, but I feel like something’s are just understood! I don’t know, I could be overthinking it. What do you guys think?

Any who, book reviews will resume in January, of course, and stay tuned to see what I’m reading next! Have book or wine suggestions? Please let me know! Talk to you guys soon and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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