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Drink Socially, and Responsibly!

Hello! Hello! Hello!

          Happy Wine Wednesday to you! I hope your hump day is going well, and I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was amazing! Mine was actually really, really good even though my wife and I weren’t able to go back to New Orleans this year!

          We took it upon ourselves to invite a few friends over, and cook Thanksgiving dinner ourselves! Now, when I say dinner, LOL, I mean we had gumbo, baked macaroni, potato salad, and dinner rolls! We realized we aren’t really turkey eaters, so we decided to leave it off the menu this year!

          One of my really good friends from Houston paid us a visit, and brought wine as a gift. And guess what bottle she brought??? MOSCATO!!!! She did bring a bottle of Merlot that I cannot wait to try, but you know I cracked open that Moscato as soon as possible! LOL!

          Our glasses stayed full, our conversations were never dull, and it felt good to celebrate this huge holiday with close friends! Though the wine wasn’t fully to blame, because my cooking was the bomb, LOL, it definitely made me re-appreciate my love for wine, and how it goes with almost every occasion!

          It’s because of this that I’ve decided to dedicate this entry about different wines you can drink socially! Yes, socially because believe it or not, there’s wines you can drink alone, and ones you want to drink with friends! Knowing the difference isn’t of huge importance, but it helps in situations where you may be meeting people for the first time and want to maintain a good impression!

          If you’re bringing the wine, don’t break your neck, nor your pockets, trying to get the perfect bottle! If it’s a party, alcohol is alcohol. But, it is recommended to bring a bottle of white and a bottle of red. Never assume everyone drinks white wine! I’ve made that mistake and showed up to parties with only red wine and was like, “Uhhhhhhhh, what’s this?” LOL!

          If you’ve been keeping up with my entries, then you know I’ve mentioned once before that red wines often have a higher alcohol percentage than white wines. Knowing and remembering this is important because, as I mentioned before, if your intentions are not to get drunk, you may want to monitor your red wine consumption. If you plan on being social because you’re at a company function, or hanging with the in-laws for the first time, maybe only have one glass! Definitely don’t drink on an empty stomach, cause we’re adults, and we all know what drinking on an empty stomach does to us!

          I highly encourage eating while drinking! No, it won’t make you want to drink any less, but it’ll slow down the intoxication process. Now, of course if you’re with your girls, CHUG IT! Especially if you’re not driving! If that’s the case, throw them back, responsibly of course! LOL.

          This isn’t to say you can drink white wine recklessly, no, please be mindful of how much you drink with whites as well. But with a lower alcohol content, you may be able to get away with a few more glasses than your red wines.

          Again, remember where you are, and who you’re around. And that’s not just with wines! That’s with any alcohol beverage! Unless you’re surrounded by those who know you, and love you, never get intoxicated and lose control of yourself.

          We drink to loosen up, have fun, and to be social, but we also need to alwas drink responsibly!

          Remember, never drink and drive! Ever! Even if it’s just wine! It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

          Now, I know I didn’t specify a certain kind of brand of wine to get, and that’s because everyone’s palate isn’t the same. Ya’ll know I love my sweet wines, so I’m going to always be a spokes person for Mosato, LOL. But it’s not for everyone! I would highly suggest talking to a person who works at the store where you may be buying the wine from. Let them know what the occasion is, and see what kind of wines they suggest for you to get. Now, if you’re at Walmart/HEB, we know there’s no one there for us to talk to, LOL, and in these incidents, simply pick the cheapest wines!

          Yes, I said cheapest! Again, we are being social! Alcohol is alcohol! People who are going to a gathering to have a good time will be more excited about seeing more alcohol walking through the door, than concerning themselves with your wine knowledge!

          Well, I hope this was of some assistance to you guys this evening! I promise to have a wine review for you guys in two weeks! I have a port wine I have been dying to try and I think this time around I am going to research what pairs with it first and then drink it!

          Want to know which wine it is? Make sure you’re following me on IG! Talk to you guys soon! 

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