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“Blending Wine & Friends!”: My Experience at Whispering Vines Vineyard & Winery

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Hey guys!!!! Happy Wine Wednesday to you all! I hope you guys are having a great week and enjoying your summer thus far! As some of you know, I recently went on my honeymoon and had the opportunity to go on my very first wine tour about two weeks ago and it was amazing!

Let me say, it wasn’t as big as I had expected it to be, but it was a family owned business, and definitely gave off that Southern hospitality I am used to! I was able to purchase a few bottles of wine while I was there, which I definitely will be reviewing soon! This particular entry is just going to cover the winery itself, and my overall experience!

I highly encourage anyone and everyone to visit a winery at least once, especially if you’re looking to expand your wine selection. A lot of the wine tours are free as long as you make a purchase, and some of them even provide you with food! Unfortunately, our tour landed on a regular tour date, so we didn’t get to experience anything too fancy, but it was still a lovely experience.

Doreen, one of the owners and managers, was very intuitive to what it was we preferred to drink, and even made a few suggestions we would’ve never thought to try!

If possible, try and get a one on one tour. It may be cheaper to book with a group, but the experience will be better in my personal opinion. We had Doreen all to ourselves, so we never once felt rushed, we were allowed to truly enjoy the wine we tasted, and she was able to answer all of our questions without yelling over a crowd!

I am attaching the link below to this entry for you guys to go and check out their website! They have an Adopt a Plant Membership Program which allows you to adopt a plant for four years for $100. Each year, you will receive one free bottle of wine from the grapes produced by that plant! It also comes with a free admission to their annual harvest party!

Now, I definitely plan on hitting up a vineyard out here in Texas very soon, so make sure you guys be on the lookout!

Down a long winding road, amongst a sea of green grass and tall, beautiful trees, you’ll come across the most welcoming winery located in Tulsa, OK, Whispering Vines Vineyard &Winery.

Whispering Vines Vineyard & Winery is a family owned and operated company, and we had the pleasure of meeting Dean and Doreen Riesen. Doreen was the first to greet us as we walked through the door and assisted us with our wine tasting experience.

We were given the opportunity to taste a variety of their award winning wines, a few being their Syrah, Concord, and Sweet Rose!

In between tastings, we were given a tour inside of the winery, and got to witness how they create this magic in the bottle. They use the traditional method and let their wines age in oak barrels, adding additional flavors and qualities to the handpicked grapes.

Stainless steel tanks are also used here for their wines that have a fresher and crisper flavor.

She showed us how each bottle is handled by the two managers, from beginning to end. They personally pour each finished product into the bottles, seal them, and place the labels on them. Doreen states she knows it would be easier to hire people on to do this kind of work, but her family loves being the ones to know each bottled was handled with care.

After the tour, we were given free range to explore the vineyard, which from the pictures may not appear to be much, but there were vineyards on both sides of the buildings. We were also intrigued when we were informed the Riesen family also had a vineyard at their own home that they maintained and contributed to many of the wines we had tasted that day.

Doreen explained to us the risks they faced with the Oklahoma weather getting too cold, or too hot, which greatly affects the growth of their grapes. We also learned about the different climates wine grapes develop within, and the different affects is has on how your wine can taste.

Overall, this was a very beautiful experience for me, especially with it being my first time! I was excited listening to Doreen speak on the different wine grapes and how they would taste, knowing the research/blogging I have been doing was paying off and I was slowly beginning to understand the differences in wines.

And it made me realize all the reasons why I started this blog! To constantly inform you guys, as well as myself, of the things to look for and try when it comes to wine!

With that being said, next Wednesday, the 31st, I will be doing my wine review, BUT, I want you guys to assist me with the topic as well!

In this entry, I mentioned how climate affects wine grapes, as well as oak and stainless steel aging. I want to discuss both of these in more depth, but you guys tell me which one you’re more interested in!

Comment below, or email your pick to me at

As always, thank you guys SO MUCH for joining me today! I’ll see you guys on the 31st! Make sure you’re on the lookout for that book review as well!

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