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All Worries Are Less With Wine


And happy Wine Wednesday to you guys? How’s everyone’s week going thus far? March completely snuck up on me by surprise, and I’m like, “My one year anniversary is slowly approaching!”

Can you believe March 25th I created my very first entry on here? And April 1st was my very first wine review?

My, time has seriously flown by, but I am excited to still be here, and glad you guys have been here to support me along the way!

With that being said, let’s get to this review!

Now, some of you are probably like,

Seriously, Leina? A moscato?” LOL, and let me tell you, I thought I was being clever with this selection. Different brand, but the same sweet taste my favorite wine has always given me. Well, the joke was on me!

This Petalo Moscato is like no other moscato I have ever tasted. It wasn’t as sweet as I was used to, and it had a more citrusy, floral taste to it. There was a hint of spice that lingered on my tongue before I ate; and when I sipped it after eating, it tasted cooler.

Well, it turns out the wine grapes used in this in particular brand of Moscato are grown really close to wild roses, which is where the floral taste, as well as aroma comes from. It is considered to be a sparkling wine, but wasn’t as bubble as other sparkling wines I have tried.

Petalo Moscato also has a good amount of acidity which explains why I could taste a bit of spice while I was drinking it. The alcohol content is low, so it’s definitely something I would recommend socially.

If you are a sweet wine drinker, I would still recommend this wine, just don’t go into it expecting your regular Moscato. I think those who enjoy a medium bodied red wine would find this bottle enjoyable.

Over all, this bottle gets three stars from me, and is probably something I would try again. I had it with a salmon meal, and discovered it’s paired best with desserts or Italian cuisines.

Have you tried this wine before? Let me know what you think? Can you think of another brand of Moscato that’s different from the rest? Drop your suggestions below!

Once again, thank you guys so much for joining me this Wednesday, and make sure to check back on the 18th for my next entry!

Also, I know you guys didn’t get a book review from me in February, and that was my bad, LOL. But, I will be doing a book review this month, I promise!

So stay tuned!

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