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"A Meal without Wine is Called Breakfast."

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Ok, so I know I am a week behind, and I apologize. My original post was supposed to go up May 6th, but let’s just say I had an amazing Cinco de Mayo!

Now, here I am, trying to play catch up and get myself back on track. Today, I’ll be reviewing one of the white wines I received from FirstLeaf, and let me start by saying sometimes reading isn’t fundamental! LOL

I read about what the wine would taste like, and as soon as I tried it, that’s all I tasted.

Scissor Kick Cellars is a wine made in Western Australia and is a combination of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. Now, we’ve discussed Sauvignon Blanc before, but I’ll do a quick refresher for those just joining me. Sauvignon Blanc is a very popular grape, usually grown in France. It’s known to have low sugar content and a high acidity level.

Semillon is a grape grown in Australia, and depending on the climate will have flavors ranging from lemon to green apple. Semillon is a grape this is usually grown to mix with author popular white wines, and when mixed with Sauvignon Blanc can take on Chardonnay like characteristics.

For those who have been following me thus far, you know I don’t like Chardonnay. So, you can go ahead and assume how I feel about this particular wine.

When I first sipped it, I immediately tasted grass, like freshly cut grass. LOL. My wife told me I was being dramatic, and that’s fine. She, of course, loved it, being able to concentrate on the citrusy flavors this wine contained.

Scissor Kick Cellar has a combination of grapefruit and lime, as well as a grassy/floral taste. The description that came with this bottle indicated that the grapes where picked at the dead of night to preserve their acidity. I, of course, was shocked to see that and I had to look further into it.

So, picking grapes during the day causes the grapes to have a higher sugar level, and when they’re picked at night, the sugar is settled. And the nighttime temperature also affects the taste of the wine grapes.

Neat, huh?

Well, overall, I would rate the bottle a three out of five. I honestly don’t plan on trying it again but will get it for my wife since she loved it.

It’s crazy because when I received my case from FirstLeaf, I just knew I was going to love every single bottle I got. Boy, was I wrong, LOL.

I also think that reading how the wine would taste in advance ruined it for me. Once I saw the word grassy, I immediately was looking for it, and it slapped me right in the face! LOL

Well, as always, thank you so much for joining me this evening! I hope this review was helpful. Even though I am a week off, I am still going to post a wine review on the 20th. I have to get back on track!

And I will have my book review posted on the 29th, so make sure to stay tuned. Don’t forget to subscribe and drop any suggestions on new wines you’d like me to try!

Talk to you guys soon!

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